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NEW POSTS OF PUPS & DOGS ~ see you soon!

We are excited that you are considering getting a new Royal Frenchel pup to add to your family.  As you can see ~ we have gorgeous pups on the way! Our newest mom’s & dad’s have had their first litters, give them a hand!

You will have years of fun loving relationship with these uniquely special bulldogs that are priceless with fond memories to boot!

We want to introduce them to you with the kindest and utmost regard for their inner and outer beauty, intelligence and soulful nature.

Sometimes, people are looking for teacup French Bulldogs, find us and realize the joy a Micro Mini Royal Frenchel will bring as they are able to go anywhere with them, unlike French Bulldogs who have more delicate needs regarding temperature and spinal frailty. And Royals live much longer to boot!

A Nursery Pup is sometimes undetermined in size until it is older, so we may list it as potentially 2 size ranges initially until their true size is determined.

To allow people to reserve a Royal Frenchel bulldog pup early, we create a Bridge Price that gives a range in which that pup will be priced. If someone wants to buy that pup, they pay half down of the lowest price and the final size and price is determined near 8 weeks old.

So, don’t let it pass if you see a pup you want. Worst case scenario is you switch your payments to another pup should you decide you like one better before 6 wks of age! We are here to make your way easier!

You’re Invited To Visit ~ FaceTime &  Zoom Available as well as kennel visit with protocols in place for safety!

Visit us by appointment if you are close by or feel free to make a Zoom or FaceTime appointment to enjoy meeting all the pups. See them play and meet older dogs as well.

See more on Buying Your Pup, Pricing, Deposit & Reserve Your Pup, Travel and Taking Your Pup Home.


Just in Love (Justin) – Sold to Mike & Heidi

JUST IN LOVE Justin, is the warmest most interested little fella. He is so young and yet his interests are so heart stopping when I go in to his pen or we sit quietly to snuggle, he is so adoring of life. It has moved me to tears a few times as he is..
  • size: Micro Mini Nursery Small
  • gender: Male
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Murray was to be a top stud of Royal Frenchel. But as it goes sometimes, one of his testicles didn’t descend!!! So, our sweet gorgeous Murray will now be placed… with you? Murray is the most affectionate, attentive, wholesome fella you have e..
  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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KImber – Sold to Beth

Dolly comes from awesome parents! She is going to be a chunky monkey for sure! She is the "slow & steady wins the race" type of gal! lol!!! Of course she will be the traditional Royal Frenchel sweetie pie with lots of interest in all you are doi..
  • size: Micro Mini Nursery Small
  • gender: Female
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