What Goes Into Raising & Pricing Royal Frenchel Pups

I thought this list might help you understand the costs and labor involved in breeding and raising Royal Frenchel Bulldogs. Not everyone is aware of what it takes to breed dogs and I want my customers to know what goes into raising their pup until it goes home with them.

So, the bottom line is, If you want a well balanced, healthy dog, it has to have a high level of consistent great care!

I have been breeding and raising dogs for a long time. I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. And nothing takes the place of consistent good attention and relationship with your pup.

This is a “real live” list of what we do on a regular basis in raising and selling a Royal Frenchel Puppy.

My hope is that it will help you better appreciate the fees we charge for pups and the healthy approach we take to raising them. Information can make a world of difference.


  • Physical Puppy Care
  • Feed dogs
  • Clean Floors 3 x’s a day
  • Clean yard
  • Clean & sterilize cages
  • Clean & sterilize food dishes


  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations
  • Make Veterinarian visits
  • Take them to Veterinarian visits
  • Cut dew claws
  • We make certain the dams are protected in case of cesarean by keeping two doctors on call when possible during the whelping dates. This allows the dam and pups to whelp at the time they choose, which is best, rather than having to schedule a surgery date.


  • Choosing dam and sire
  • Vet check on dam & sire
  • Breed dogs
  • Set up dates for breeding
  • Take dog to breed
  • AI (Artificially Inseminate) the dog
  • Whelping
  • Record all birthing process
  • Whelp Puppies
  • Have Whelping Station Items ready
    • Check ahead of time to ensure all items are up to date and that you have enough.
    • Pitosin
    • Calcium
    • Vitamins & Medicine to start the heat well
    • Syringe
    • KY Jelly
    • Q-Tips
    • Thermometer (preferably the same one that was used previously to check temp)
    • Nutri gel for quick nutrition
    • Pads to whelp on so pups don’t get cold when wet
    • Washcloths
    • Towels
    • Blankets


  • Royal Frenchel Massage
  • Identification of potential illness
  • Proper cleaning techniques to ensure health
  • How to identify with an individual instead of treating everyone like a group
  • Whelping and birthing pups
  • Outdoor Play to ensure right socialization
  • No harassment barking training
  • Noticing when a pup needs something unique to it. The signs.

Sales Process

  • Choose phone for answering sales calls
  • Social Media Posts
  • Prepare Ad
  • Online & Newspaper Advertising
  • Prepare information
  • Take pictures & videos of dogs and puppies
  • Edit pictures of dogs and puppies for website and flyers
  • Puppy Showing
  • Clean space
  • Choose dogs to show so as not to overwhelm our visitors
  • Make certain everyone in household knows the showing is about to occur so you are not interrupted
  • Have packet ready for info
  • Pictures of puppy ready for copy or sending on email! Fun stuff!
  • Dog food bag pre-prepared with info written on it for customers ease of purchase and puppy protection
  • Info regarding organic healthy dog for website
  • Prepare puppy talk copy to refer to when showing puppy
  • Give puppy talk
  • Website Updates
  • Email Events & Puppy Updates


  • Call Ins
  • Call Backs
  • Support customers at work and home
  • Email people who need responses


  • Pre-Whelping meetings
  • Create 3 Whelping Preparation Meetings (2 in group and 1 at home) – one pre-set up and one after
  • Give materials and info
  • Whelping Ready Doc – Make it or check it for updating each time newly
  • Whelping Ready Doc – Send it electronic for printing out with
  • Instructions to print & put in 3 ring binder and keep with Whelping Ready Station
  • Include Whelping Record
  • Visit Primary Family a minimum of 3 times to do well checks during last 4 weeks of pregnancy (previous to that group meetings are enough) Make certain the last 2 visits are after station was to be made.


  • Responsibility exists due to:
  • Veterinarian care – keep file on each dog
  • AKC papers – scan for electronic file email PDF to MHF and keep paper file in dog file
  • Specialty exams
  • Sale Records – record in dog file list of new owner names to look up in General Puppy Sales file – electronic file has the agreement with Agreement Scanned and signed in it from purchase of pup – notation if pup is stud or pick of litter if first pick contract exists
  • New Owner Agreements – scan for electronic file email PDF and keep paper file in dog file
  • Stud Availability – list created as available, notation of dates of update made each time it is changed, old one is copied electronically and then it is put in Old Stud List copies
  • Dam Whelping Availability – List of dams available for whelping with dates of heat and birthing
  • Lineage Charts – record dam & sire with AKC papers and history on each litter, place new puppies in the line as new owners


  • Bookkeeping
  • Balance Accounts
  • Determine amount spent on all areas of physical movements
  • Pay bills
  • Prepare info for accountants


  • Bi-Weekly General Meetings
  • Mentorship to others
  • Contact Veterinarian when necessary to discuss treatments and to qualify actions where ignorance might cost us and or hurt the dog
  • Meet with person to help clean
  • Create back up person for emergency trips for dogs in case more than one family is whelping or more than one dog is in need of care
  • Meet with bookkeeper


  • Online Advertising
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Local Advertising Opportunities
  • Buy dog food
  • Buy health items to administer
  • Pee Pads
  • Whelping items necessary to whelp puppies successfully. If you want any support for organizing and being prepared for whelping your litter, please feel free to ask. We know how important it is to be ready. Some items for us include:
  • Pitosin
  • Calcium
  • Syringes
  • KY Jelly
  • thermometer
  • Q-tips
  • Iodine
  • Clamp – surgical clamp
  • Excellent surgical scissors
  • Feeding tube
  • Eye droppers
  • Goats milk on hand (fresh! Remember to taste any milk yourself before ever giving it to puppies! This is the Golden Rule!)
  • 2 Hot water bottles
  • Towels – lots of towels
  • Suction bulb
  • Veterinarian numbers and directions legibly written!
  • Remember that temperature is the most common reason for pups to die at birth. Have things to keep the pups warm!


  • Record and track all breeding to insure creating best results – family tree genealogy
  • Dates of litters
  • Dates of advertising for newspapers and flyers
  • Copies of all picture files for use in web, ads and given to new
  • families of dogs
  • Copies of advertising to use for future ad base
  • Register in AKC – for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and French Bull Dogs
  • Register for eye exams and other specialty exams
  • Vet Care
  • Purchase and sale record


  • Create Site Plan & Map
  • Take photos
  • Write copy
  • Make pages
  • Interact with website maker
  • Post site
  • Update weekly

_______________And There is More, for Now This is Enough!

Remember, anyone can help a dog get pregnant and let nature take its course. But, wouldn’t you want the best care available, if you were having a baby?

Yes, here is to the kind, thoughtful evolution of dog breeding for everyone. I hope we all get used to it and insist upon it.

Being ready for the myriad of things that can happen to our four legged family member is truly meeting them with our best.

Phew! For those who love dogs… it’s the good life!

Thanks for reading this page. We appreciate your interest.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. “Windy” Anahata Graceland

360-561-0003 or email us at [email protected]

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