Royal Frenchel Micro Mini Vs Tea Cup French Bulldog

Micro Minis Vs Tea Cup French Bulldogs

 Micro Mini Royal Frenchel Bulldogs

If you love the thought of tiny English bulldogs, then you are up for a real treat! The Award Winning Royal Frenchel Micro Mini Bulldog has been giving French Bulldog Tea Cup pups a run for their money! Not only are Royal Frenchel Micro Mini bulldogs likely to live up to 20 years, they enjoy stellar health without breathing issues!

Teacup French Bulldogs are really fun dogs. It is sad that they suffer so many of the same ills and health problems as the regular size French Bulldogs, sometimes more. They are fraught with allergies, cancer, spinal issues, knee issues, breathing problems and other health issues. That’s why you have to get an insurance policy particular to the English and French Bulldog breed as they expect it will have need of vet care so the policy reflects that in its services.

 See our page on Royal Frenchel Health & Transparency

We are the only breeder in the US or anywhere that we have found that puts the Health Records for their breed on their site.


Royal Frenchels, on the other hand, were created by a number of breeds crossing and allowing gene pools to loosen up the superglue of the traditional Frenchie genes to create an Award Winning long-lived dog with superior health and a great personality.


Royal Frenchel Micro Mini bulldogs evolved gradually and naturally and over a 16 year period. I, Anahata Graceland, the creator of Royal Frenchel gently responded to nature’s leading and allowed the Micro Mini Royal to emerge.

Royal Frenchel Micro Minis evolved naturally and over a 10 year period Anahata Graceland, the creator of Royal Frenchel known as “Windy” gently responded to natures leading and allowed the micro mini Royal to emerge.

Micro Minis Are Heavenly

The way a hunting dog needs to hunt, a protection dog has the urge to protect and a herding dog needs to herd, Royals need to serve. They are “born to serve” – to be the best companion they know how to be, due to their genetic predisposition – it simply makes their day! And they expect balance and good care from their people as well.

Royals are not slaves or living teddy bears, they expect a relationship of family and time spent with them as good friends! They are not dogs to be left for long periods of time regularly.They simply love to help you be happy as an important part of your day which is why they are so easy to train.

Micro’s are big dogs in tiny bodies and they truly stay small! Unlike French Bulldog Teacup pups that can sometimes grow larger and have health issues, a Royal Frenchel Micro Mini Bulldog averages 7” to 13” in height (floor to shoulder) and 10” to 13” long (base of the neck to tail) as adults and their health is stellar. They are known for their traveling ease and trainability as well as their warm-hearted jovial personalities. They are heartier than Frenchies with respect to breathing issues, temperature sensitivity and life expectancy.

Royal Frenchel Micro Minis make great friends of other animals and people too. They enjoy accompanying their family to work and play which is doable without the concerns you might have with a French Bulldog Teacup. Royals are highly intuitive dogs which has gained them many accolades as service dogs for years. Many Children’s Hospital children chose a Royal Frenchel Micro Mini as they are non-allergenic, unlike Frenchies.

Royal Frenchel Micro Minis and all sizes have become great family dogs over the years now across the US, England, Italy, and France. However, there are many “knock-offs” abusing the Royal Frenchel name. Unless it comes from the Royal Frenchel kennel, Great Dogs for Great People, with a certificate of authenticity, it is not a Royal Frenchel. They don’t know what the recipe is, instead they merely put two breeds together and end up with issues due to genetic swings toward one or another.

Royals love to travel as do French Bulldog Teacups. However, they are more agile handling different terrain and heights for jumping down off of things without risk and can handle temperature changes with ease. Not true for the Frenchie.

All in all, French Bulldog Teacup pups are wonderful snuggly packages of love, but if you want that and a long-lived, healthy, off the charts personality bulldog, the Royal Frenchel Micro Mini will be a friend for life. Almost literally, they live so long! 

In essence, we all love French Bulldogs and wow ~ a tiny one? What fun!

However, the many restrictions in going places with their fragile bodies and health issues make Royal Frenchel Micro Minis a simple choice in today’s world where we want to take our dogs with us without causing harm to them, just about everywhere!

Royal Frenchel Micro Mini, Tuki, was featured in the television special “Two in a Million” with Elena Schefer