Award For Longevity And Health

Royal Frenchel Bulldogs Have it All

Pedigree dogs have been failing for a long time in health and stable personalities as they have been bred for so long primarily for looks and supposedly health.

When we breed dogs this way (with such a huge focus on looks), we also cause genetic defects to pass into the line equally as powerfully sometimes. Ensuring that the breed stays the same litter to litter is a risk at best the longer a dog breed exists unless we cross the breeds with greater gene pools that stimulate new options in the making of the pups.

So the weaker, less-desired genes get passed down as well as the special “look” of the dogs, causing all types of distress, pain and even early death.

If you go to get an insurance policy for a dog, it is most likely going to be specific to the breed you have. So, if you have a french bulldog, you get a french bulldog insurance policy. Retrievers get ones specific to them. Why?

Insurance companies expect the ills of many pedigree champion line breeds. I know, I raised them myself! Yes, as the breeds have thinned in their gene pools, as they have been bred early to sire other pups and not learned of various health issues until those dogs are 1 to 2 years old, the spread of ills that are specific in their gene pools has been significant. Significant enough to have Insurance companies detail policies that have the expectation of those ills written into them!

Happily, Royal Frenchel won the National Top 5 Dog Award this past year for Health and Longevity from Farmers & Pets Best Insurance Companies!

It is an exciting award as it means more to us than “championship” terms… It reflects the truth after studying 140,000 policies of veterinarians that Royal Frenchel is a dog with great health and longevity. Of course, insurance companies that are selling you policies don’t want to spend money! So, they help everyone by identifying what dogs are healthiest to add to your family today which keeps their costs down!

Royal Frenchel Bulldogs have a very wide gene pool. One in which many colors and 2 body styles flow from. We allow for all of these variations offering super healthy, stable well-balanced personalities that serve families for anywhere from 14 to 20 years depending on the size of the dog.

The smaller the dog, Mini Micro Royal Frenchel Bulldog for instance, the longer the life.

We don’t inhibit natural expressions of the breed. We allow all colors and styles. This keeps our dogs healthier and more stable personality wise and you get a unique dog every time! Each having the special traits that Royals always have across the line and all size ranges.

In all our years now, nearly 15 in total, we haven’t ever been left with one pup! The need for breeding dogs like Royal Frenchel is huge and much appreciated by our customers.

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