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You’re Invited To Visit

Just let us know that you would like an appointment and we will work to make it convenient for you. For those out of the area, we use Zoom often, so feel free to set up an appointment to ensure you get to see your pup of interest in action!

Let’s Talk On Zoom

Zoom is a great way to meet pups when you are out of the area! We simply get together me, “Windy” (nickname), Anahata Graceland, the creator of the breed and you and your family. You can learn about the history of Royal Frenchel and special attributes of each pup you’re interested in. Their personalities will shine, one by one, snuggling or at play with other dogs. You will get to see them up close or on the floor playing with other puppies to see their activity levels as well with all sizes and ages of dogs. Many of our customers use Zoom and enjoy meeting our pups this way.

Prices For Royal Frenchel Pups

We have 4 sizes of Royals available. Micro Royals are presently the smallest bullogs in the world. Weights are approximate expected weights as adults at 1 yr old. Some have a more dense muscle and will weigh more or less. The body frames of the dogs are measured from nape of neck to tail. Ranges of height and length are noted below within 1 ½” plus or minus. We assess all pups every Friday updating prices weekly. Also, other attributes go into pricing such as gender, markings, eye color, coat color, shape of head, bone structure, body type and the collective of any given group of attributes at once.



General Height 14-15″, Length 16-20″

Approximate Weight 24 to 28 lbs

Large Bone Structure

May have thick front and back legs.



General Height 12-14″, Length 12-16″

Approximate Weight 16 to 22 lbs

Medium Bone Structure

May have thick front legs


Royal Frenchel Micro Minis Are The Smallest Bulldogs In The World.

Micro $8795-$11995

General Height 10-14”, Length 11-14″

Approximate Weight 11 to 15 lbs

Small Bone Structure

Super Micro


General Height 7-10.5”, Length 9-10.5″

Approximate Weight 6 to 11 lbs

X-Small Bone Structure

** The above prices are ranges, not strict fixed parameters.  Sometimes, due to unique size and features, the prices noted above may be higher or lower depending on the puppy.

** Micro Minis Are The Smallest Bulldog In The World. Due to their slower growth rate and miniature size, they take approximately 26 months to fully mature an become beefy. 

Additional Purchasing Info

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept all credit cards as well as cash or money orders. We do not accept checks or e-checks.


Reserving a puppy secures your choice pup until you arrive and get the logistics handled  Once you reserve your pup, it is no longer shown to other prospective families for adoption. Reserving a puppy involves making a $300 deposit toward a Royal Frenchel pup of your choice which will hold your puppy until you are able to meet on zoom or in person with us and generally will last approximately 24hrs. Your full deposit goes against the price of your puppy. And if your puppy is to young to go home, you pay 1/2 down and 1/2 around 7 weeks old. 

Royal Frenchel is a small high-quality breeder and all funds that are incoming are used swiftly to care for our dogs. There are no refunds on any payments under any circumstances. However, all payments made go toward the purchase of a pup as long as Royal Frenchel is in business!

Securing A Nursery Pup

If the specific price has not yet been determined for the pup you wish to adopt due to its young age, a range will be determined by pricing that pup. At that time you may pay 50% of the lowest potential price, securing your pup, and you have determined a price limit for the total cost of your pup as well! As long as you are good with the range, the pup is yours! Generally speaking, the earlier you secure your puppy, the less you pay for it. Here is why ~ As pups grow, more of their specific characteristics show up. Price range reflects variables of size, sex, personality, color, eye color, coat, body size and type, and a combination of all those traits together. Older pups are simply priced with no range.

Waitlist For A Special Royal Frenchel Bulldog

We will notify you the moment a pup arrives for you to consider. Our Wait List is generally 1 to 6 people at any given time. It does go quicker than you think! Generally, for regular and small size pups the wait is between 3 to 14 weeks. We try to stage our litters so that we have puppies in reasonable intervals. So, it won’t be long before you choose your sweet new pup. The wait is mostly for your pup to mature enough to go home with you. Learn More About The Royal Frenchel Waitlist

What Goes Into Pricing A Royal Frenchel

Not everyone is aware of what goes into raising their pup until it goes home with them. The bottom line is, If you want a well balanced, healthy dog, it has to have a high level of consistent great care! We have been breeding and raising dogs for the last 54 years and have learned what works and what doesn’t work. It is interesting how many myths there are in the industry of dog breeding. We are not a backyard breeder, rather we are a high quality breeder, which means that we do a lot more work for every dollar we make. However, we love what we do. Learn More About How Royal Frenchels Are Priced

Refund Policy

There are no refunds whether the payment is a deposit or purchase. Please be sure you want a Royal Frenchel before you put your money down. That said, there is no better thing in the world than finding the right Royal Frenchel to have by your side in life. We are a small high-quality company and when money comes in we use it on our dogs care, keeping this beautiful breed in check, healthy and in the best of vet care. When people put a dog on hold it doesn’t get shown any longer, so, it loses the chance of a good home for that pup for that time, a sale for us and creates more work for us. Customers can also think something is wrong with the dog if a sale shifts showing reserved and then not reserved. So, it becomes very taxing on our little company and dogs.That is why we made the policy as it was too difficult for us to weather the changes people otherwise make. Be sure that you are getting a dog when you put money down. This commitment takes a great deal of effort and we simply cannot weather the ambivalence of those not fully committed with us. If you want to know more about how “What Goes Into Pricing” check out this article for a review of the work I do to ensure you get a great dog. I breed dogs because I love my dogs and the people I serve, you! Just check our reviews. And you will see how well served our customers are. No one gets rich through breeding. I simply live “happy” thanks to my dogs! In turn, I make sure that I place dogs in great homes and that my dogs are going to be the best you have ever known.


When you purchase your puppy, we require that you purchase a 3 month supply of NuVet Vitamins before taking your pup home. This protocol insures the development of great habits and excellent nutrition helping you and your puppy transition with the best support on hand. All our pups are on these vitamins!

Visit & Fall in Love!

Choosing a pup involves the heart & soul. Whether on a Skype Visit or at our Home, plan a minimum of 90 min. to meet, greet and fall in love!