5 Minutes Hands on Play

I have had people ask me what the Secret Sauce is for Royal Frenchel Bulldogs as they are so easily trainable and have great personalities.

I believe, what is at it’s core is the 5 Minute Hands On Play ritual.  It is one of the most valuable tools I could ever offer to anyone. For pup or people alike.

The world is filled with things we all have to attend to all day long. We become extremely self centered and are trying to make ends meet for time, money, relationships… it all takes what it takes and unless we are very skilled in living a balanced life, we simply focus on what we have on our own minds… without considering the long term relationships that are dear to us and what others may need from us.

When you get your dog, you and your dog choose each other. Then you carry the dog in your arms to your car, to your home, to the dog bed you choose, to the yard you want him or her to go to. You feed the dog food you pick out, treats you like, and get its coat in colors you think are good…..

You get the idea? Yes. It’s all YOU, little about the dog input itself!

5 Minutes Hands on Play is All About Your Dog

It will help you learn how to communicate and open your intuitive nature with your pup.

Here are the things I do to create that connection:

  • Your pup goes out and goes to the bathroom outside with you being present. When you come inside, you simply turn on a timer (keep it handy by the door) for 5 minutes.
  • You get on the floor or somewhere your dog and you can go eye to eye, the bed works too or a large couch. And you focus totally on your dog.
  • You ask it what its day is like and you actually get quiet and listen.
    • It doesn’t matter what you hear if anything at all.  Don’t allow your mind to wonder. Just look at your dog and listen & take interest.
    • What matters is that you care when you ask the question.
    • You ask how they like to be rubbed?
    • What they like to eat?
    • Where do they like to go most?
    • What people they like to play with most and why?
      • You can have endless queries into your dogs inner sanctum!
  • Hold your pup to your heart and tell it that it’s important to your life.
  • Share a funny story, but again, a story meant for the dog. You share from your genuine story telling about yourself to  your dog. Or tell your dog what  you enjoy about him or her. The later is a very cool ritual to include at least a few times a month.
  • Look in the dog’s eyes as much as possible until your gaze together falls into a relaxed connection.
  • Allow yourself to “not know” and to come into a more intuitive place knowledge with your pet.
  • Laugh with your dog genuinely.
  • Look at things and life as your dog does. Consider it’s life and vantage point sincerely.
  • When the timer is over, you shake paw to hand and simply go back to your day.

You can go down to 3 minutes a time once in a while, if you have been doing the 5 minutes often enough. Never go below 3 min. Or your dog will become agitated and it will work against you.

The benefits of this ritual are amazing.

  • Within 1 week of just daily attention, in just 5 minute intervals… easy peasy…. You end up finding that you have fallen more deeply in love with your dog. You can’t explain it. But it is there.
  • Your dog gets house broken naturally as they link the 5 min. Hands on play with going out to the bathroom!
  • You have learned a tool that you can use with any living thing that will serve you both, person, canine, feline, green thing child, husband, wife and so on…. And you feel 10 times better about your day!
  • You find that your dog listens to you far more than most peoples dogs listen and that they naturally want to do what you request.
  • You find that you sort of know things about your dog, even though you can’t explain it! This part is really fun. You will suddenly know things about your dog and the pup will feel it too.
  • Love flows through your veins meaning you produce serotonin more readily, and other chemicals associated with tranquility and love.
  • You find you feel respect for your dog in a new way.
  • You find patience in ways you can’t believe.
  • You feel at peace.

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