Royal Family Traits

What Type of People Buy A Royal Frenchel Bulldog?

I never knew that when I created Royal Frenchel Bulldogs I would be unearthing a super recipe to meet some of the most wonderful people around! What a bonus we inherited.

Yes, Great Dogs for Great People is our guiding principle. It guides all that we do at Royal Frenchel for our customers and our animals. But I am here to tell you that the most consistent type of person shows up for Royal Frenchel pups constantly. And they are all GREAT! And I get to share them with you on Royal Frenchel Day. I mean, they even fashioned a Royal Family Jazz Band and they are all GREAT MUSICIANS as well! Plain and simple, Royal Frenchel pups attract the best people! See for yourself by meeting those in our Royal Frenchel Community. If you are a Royal Frenchel person, you probably have at least 6 or more of these qualities.

Royal Family Trait List

  1. Think for themselves (yet, use the salt of the earth good sense of others).
  2. Creative.
  3. Entertains and enjoys a good time, perhaps unusually so, but celebrates and treat themselves well.
  4. Enterprising Entrepreneurial Spirits.
  5. Appreciate relationships that mean most (they often show kindness to one another when visiting our pups that is really peaceful, joyful and remarkable).
  6. Share manners and respect for their family and others
  7. Excel with a good sense of balance with real needs—the needs of others as well as their own.
  8. Learning turns them on in areas they have interest.
  9. Enjoy sound quality, not just trendy or easily “sold a bill of goods” – enjoys quality in functionality.
  10. Explore leading edge technologies for play, health and learning or uses the best of simplicity to ferret out a greater freedom in life.
  11. Co-creative and often make decisions by consensus, using wisdom and insightful intuition.
  12. Value long term thinking as well as the immediate celebrating of life in the now.
  13. Ageless in that they treat everyone similarly (when we have children on our farm here, these people include them with ease frequently and seem to generate great memories for all involved).
  14. Generous and true in word and behavior or at least value it!

This is a true experience of ours. When we noticed that we enjoyed connecting with our doggie people, we made this list over the last few years and share it with you now. You will recognize it if you happen to know someone with a Royal Frenchel. Or you will recognize yourself! Enjoy connecting yourself with those in our greater community. They are really great people with really great dogs!

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