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Welcome to our Waitlist! It moves pretty swiftly with in about 4 to 8 weeks at present. It is smart to get on the waitlist as we generally have 4 to 10 people on it at all times and you will definitely secure your pup sooner by joining it. The waitlist includes a $300 deposit which goes fully to the purchase of your pup.

All payments and deposits are non refundable. So, make sure you want a Royal and all of the deposit will go toward the pup of your choice and will be there for you to use when you get your pup.

We offer new pups to the next person in line and if they don’t choose them, as often happens due to size differentials, etc., your next! So, even though the list can get long, somehow it seems that everyone gets their pup fairly easily.

I look forward to talking to you and helping you find your next best friend. I cannot tell you how much they can come to mean to you. Royal Frenchel’s are funny little creatures with great big hearts that solely want to make your life great… And they are so easy to live with. Who wouldn’t love someone more each day who was all about that!

Just fill in the form below and it will take you to the $300 deposit securing your place in the waitlist. Where you see Reserve My Pup / Join the Wait List below near the end of the form is where you check off waitlist.

This form is also very much like the Contact Form, so if you have filled that out already, just click on and make your deposit. I will join your information to it from your original contact.

It won’t be long now before you get your pup ~ See you soon!

We will be in touch.

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