Ruby – Sold to Shirley

Ruby is an exceptional little Super Micro. Tiny yet with a big mind for her affectionate sidestep role, toys, and her snuggly bed.

Ruby realLy enjoys rituals and routines! She prides herself in learning what’s to come and being there just for you! She reminds me every day of the beauty of consistency and how important it is to be thorough.

Ruby is a very thorough little girl who prides herself in doing just what you both have decided on. She is super easy to train and a star student in snuggle school ~ lol!

She adores giving and receiving affection and has the patience of Jobe when she understands the stakes you’re up against. I so appreciate that about her. She can hang out for hours on your lap or next to you as you work. Trust me, I know all about it because she does it with me daily! She is extremely well-socialized and ready for your perfect love.

Ruby is very, very smart. She also has a little spicy thread. She plays well, but doesn’t like to be bossed around by other dogs and will take a stand as tiny as she is to say no more! She earns her respect well without going overboard.

Getting Ruby, you would have a stalwart friend for life who’s ready to stand by your side and bring life to you!

Ready for Travel & Adventure Pup Line – These are puppies I have socialized and simply require a little “tweaking” to customize behaviors for you! These little guys and gals will be able to start out on day 1 with a magical fit into your daily life – going to work, or anywhere you might go! Ages are approximately 6 to 12 months.

  • size: Super Micro
  • gender: Female
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