Jubilee is like your best friend in high school who was capable of so many things. She is a A+, at almost everything except for what she wasn’t interested in and then she would only reduce to a A! She’s smart, loving, and capable of learning so many things.

You can’t keep her in, she figures out how to do just about anything she wants wrapping you around her finger! Jubilee is a gorgeous gal outside, but also completely dedicated inside and so loving. She adores being held and is highly affectionate and of course, she likes being on your lap and checking out the room for what’s happening at the same time!

Jubilee will be a long time confidant in your life, and you will feel deeply witnessed, and a lot of joy as a result! Choosing Jubilee is like choosing the head of the girl’s soccer team, who simply does it effortlessly while she maintains all her subjects and her multitudinous friends! Everyone will love you with Jubilee!

Ready for Travel & Adventure Pup Line – These are puppies I have socialized and simply require a little “tweeking” to customize behaviors for you! These little guys and gals will be able to start out on day 1 with a magical fit into your daily life – going to work, or anywhere you might go! Ages are approximately 6 to 12 months.

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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