Available Puppies


We are excited that you are considering getting a new Royal Frenchel pup to add to your family. You will have years of fun loving relationship that is priceless with fond memories to boot!

May we introduce them to you with the kindest and utmost regard for their inner and outer beauty, intelligence and soulful nature.

Full descriptions of the personalities of our puppies are inside each individual pup photo area if the pup is old enough to share. Our heartfelt descriptions come from knowing our pups well as individuals. Nursery pups often don’t yet have descriptions.

Size ranges are noted when we have a clear sense of the ultimate size of the puppy. Again, Nursery Pups are often undetermined until they are older. However, often we can determine a range in size early and those pups may have one or two sizes listed below depicting that range expected. Eventually, just one size will remain.

You’re Invited To Visit In Person Or On Skype

Visit us by appointment if you are close by or feel free to make a Skype appointment to enjoy meeting all the pups. See them play and meet older dogs as well.

See more on Buying Your Pup, Pricing, Deposit & Reserve Your Pup, Travel and Taking Your Pup Home.

A Note From “Windy”

We hold our pups until they are near ready to place when their sizes and attributes have been determined. That is why you see pups for a few weeks without reserved on them and then suddenly, once I know their sizes and attributes, many are marked reserved or sold in one fell swoop.

The waitlist families receive their pups first. If you are serious about getting a pup, the Waitlist is a smart way to go. It moves swiftly generally 2 to 8 weeks. Then we work together to help get you the best pup for your family and lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


AdultNurseryMicro MiniRegularSmall


Rainey is our cutie pie, or at least one of them! She is like a little princess with passion when it comes to play. She loves a fun time and has a sense of humor with her sister Marlowe. They share just about everything unusually so. They are both ha..
  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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Remy is a solid choice for a stand by your side kid who can go anywhere and will have an eye on just about everything as he moves about. He is a capable little fellow, helping his clan to play by inciting a game or two of going after a toy or running..
  • size: Micro Mini Small
  • gender: Male
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Reno is a sensitive, bright fellow who reminds me of a bit of a guy you might meet in the library who goes there every so often to read about some unusual interest of his like why a star is brighter one day and not another. He has a quiet in him that..
  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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Marlowe – Res. for Jennifer

Marlowe is a young movie star! She is bright, happy and on the go with laughter and play to share everywhere. She is a snuggler with a bright eye for what will change things up to feel joy! She is a spectacular playmate sharing her toys with her sist..
  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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