Sadie Mae – Sold to James & Lyne

If you have a funny bone, let me tell you, Sadie Mae is the pup that will get you laughing and forgetting all of the challenges that disrupt your inner peace!

Sadie Mae is super smart. Like all Royals, you could teach her anything in a day. She loves to learn and has a sweet adventurous spirit. Her humor can’t be missed. She is like a magnet pulling you into a state of enjoyment as you enter her world of fun and cool ideas to peek around a tree or stare at the sandwich you’re eating and seeming respectful, waiting until she gets a bite.

Sadie loves a good time which means you get drawn into her happiness with such ease that it beats the Tylenol you were going to take and reminds you instead to love love love! Because Sadie is all about the love in every move she makes, somehow, every adventure lures you into a love bond that makes you include snuggle time with pure abandon. She’s like the friend who calls you on a moment’s notice and wants to steal you away for a weekend to go have some fun at some strange event she happened to read about and needs a great companion to go with her! lol!!

There is only one Sadie Mae, and everyone who meets her remarks about her intelligence. Sadie is a small gal with big dreams and one of them is you! …And then there are those moments where suddenly you realize how deeply her gaze goes and her heart is sitting right there ready to fill you with the sunlight of the day and every good thing you ever dreamed of. Don’t miss out on Sadie Mae, she’s one in a thousand!

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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