Rose – Sold to Lourdes

Meet Rose, the larger-than-life micro gal who’s like a glass of bubbly champagne – always fun and filled with personality! She’s a playful pup who loves toys, and she’ll try them all out, collecting them close to her heart. Even when they’re taken away by older pups, Rose’s perseverance shines through as she gathers them once again, showing what a determined little gal she is.

Rose has a special connection with children and enjoys spending her time in our love bucket training program every day. Each of our pups receives over an hour of special attention, including training for simple movements and proper manners. You can tell just how much Rose looks forward to it, as she eagerly waits for her turn each day.

When Rose has run out of steam, she loves nothing more than falling asleep in your arms as a snuggle bug. Her silky-soft coat is a joy to feel, leaving you with a sense of pure bliss.

This sweet little gal is also incredibly curious about her environment. She tracks everything and knows just where to find even the smallest objects, making her a great asset for those of us who tend to misplace things.

Spending time with Rose is like taking a mini-vacation. Her pure joy and energy will saturate you, clearing out any toxic moments of the day and leaving you feeling relaxed and loved. It’s no wonder that the name “Rose” fits her so well – every moment spent with this incredible pup is like a breath of fresh air. Come meet Rose today and get ready to experience the dynamo she truly is!

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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