Forbes – Sold to Juli

Forbes is like a combo of Chanille and Dandelion. And then he has a touch of top of the mark sensibilities which makes his mix of personality awesome!

Forbes is a genuine sort of guy who thinks things through thoroughly and will give you his best at every turn. He loves music and looking at beautiful things like the art in our room or the TV! This special little design of freckles below his nose and his perfect markings will definitely get the attention of all who see him.

Forbes is sincere and thorough as he thinks through his next play. Forbes loves other pups and enjoys his aunts and uncles with complete abandon. He’s a wonderful fellow who loves to cuddle and snuggle and follow you everywhere. Bring Forbes home and you’ll not only have a dashing handsome young boy by your side but you will have a formidable friend capable of learning swiftly and enjoying any task you have on the agenda.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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