Pandora – SOLD

Pandora is a total luv. She enjoys good classical music, jazz and someone singing to her. If Pandora were to be a character, she would be the auntie that never married that the kids love when she comes to visit.

Pandora has had a great life of living here at Royal Frenchel and then a home where people adored her. Recently, that family had unforeseen changes through a death in the family. Now, once more, Pandora is on to new sights and relationships. Always treated like a queen, Pandora adores caring for her home and protecting if necessary.

House broken, crate trained, though she is rarely in it! She is a hearty eater and lover of going to town, snuggling and a great show! She also loves chews and toys. 🙂 Pandora is awaiting her next adventure ~ if you are one who wants an adult dog who has had the best and is looking for a new friend, Pandora is for you!

  • size: Adult
  • gender: Female
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