Moonbeam – Sold to Glory

Moonbeam has been our luscious lover of life… a sister in love, a mother from heaven and a friend that has been kind to dog and person alike. She reminds me of the stars on a clear night, or a great day at the seashore where salt air and gentle wind become memories you return to over and over again.

Moonbeam loves to figure things out and make her way to what she wants. Her intelligence shows up as a masterful flow of movement with the eye of wit and fun accomplishing her task! Moon is a super lover and will bless whoever gets her next in life. She deserves the best people in her life and a life of ease and total snuggles, fun loving jaunts to town or at play and a dog bed on the desk to join you while you work and she dreams!

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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