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Lila – Sold to Susan & Steve

Lila is the queen of play and snuggle!  This gal adores children and loves to be part of the happy adventures of the day.

Lila will make the perfect family dog or take pride in being a one person love at your side.  She is super flexible and just wants good friendship and to make a happy day with you.

She is crate trained, housebroken and only 2.5 years old, & ready for a family to love & serve with her joy.

She  is great with other dogs and visitors because nobody is a stranger to Lila. However, like all Royals, she has a good sense about people and will protect your home if needed.  If Lila senses something is off… I would listen 🙂

Lila doesn’t easily forget good times and will remind you about a great walk or a cool toy she enjoyed. She’s a great communicator and looking for someone to talk to.. LOL Enjoy!

  • size: Adult
  • gender: Female
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