Kennedy is a very funny guy! He loves toys and play time. He has those “Eddie” eyes (Windy’s service dog), big and wide open to life and so he can look a bit scared which isn’t really what is going on! He won the cuteness award with his sisters Greta and Birdie and his cousin Belle. He is every bit of a total snuggle bug the way a teddie bear fits into you, Kennedy’s body just sort of molds into place.

As a character Kennedy would be the clown who distracted the bad guys while the good guys get around to win the day. He has courage and yet never overplays his moves, sometimes stopping to watch and catch his breath (or maybe a bite or two! lol!!) he returns with clarity and energy at least for another few steps! He would definitely be a bed dog ‘cause you couldn’t say no to him!

  • size: Regular
  • gender: Male
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