Jabba – SOLD to Taucha

Jabba is just like the gorgeous foot ball player who is built for the game. His frenchie appearance makes him a star in the world of hybrids as he has all the best traits of his inherited treasure of genetic history. 

Jabba’s name is a bit of an odd name, yet it fits him as he is so very unique in personality. He thinks on his feet and yet with a slow decision, he moves with complete dedication to any mark he has focused on. He doesn’t forget either. If a toy has fallen behind the crate, he is patient and kind about yet, at some point he will be there when the crate is moved and the toy is found! Where the other pups wouldn’t necessarily have seen it, Jabba was aware and waited silently for its release. That’s Jabba. He has a sort of internal patience that is reasonable and allows him to wait with ease somehow exhibiting the faith to hang in there. 

Jabba is a love and a kind fellow. He is a jolly little guy who jumps in with total joy to play the game with all his heart. Jabba is all in in all he does. So get ready, ‘cause if Jabba is yours, he will be the best companion you will every know.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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