Gus – Chauncy

Chauncey is a doll, but a doll with dignity. He’s a bit of a leader, not dominant by any means. A leader who loves to go out and pretend he’s stalking things but if a bird were to really be there and he jumped on it, he pretends that he jumped on the bird when he in fact jumps before the bird and the bird flies away (a typical trait of a Royal Frenchel.)

Royals are not hunters unless of course, they’re hunting to give service to a human being like you or me. Chauncey reminds you of the kid in the football time who comes up with just the right answer for how to use the scrawny kid in the back and not only does it work in the game, but the scrawny kid ends up getting help up in front of everybody and celebrated for the great move he made. And there is Chauncy, in the background, being deeply satisfied, never needing to be acknowledged.   Chauncey is obviously handsome but whats more handsome about him is his personality.

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