Grenadina – Sold to Merrilee

Grenadina is a steadfast dear hearted friend whose greatest joy in life will be to be by your side. She is like a guardian of the heart keeping a watchful eye out for anyone that could use a bit more affection and there she will be, with her soulful gaze.. ready to serve.

Grenadina is a young gal who is expected to live 14 to 16 years and did not take to kennel life. We don’t keep dogs no matter how beautiful if they are not a natural in the pack. She’s good with other dogs and needs a family.

She is 3.5 years old, crate trained, house broken and ready for the good life with you!

She’s quick to snuggle or be a loving presence with all ages making her a great therapy dog or service dog as she is most sincere about caring for others.

If Grenadina is yours , you will have a forever friend loyal to the core.

  • size:
  • gender: Female
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