Emma – Sold to Jenkins Family

Emma is definitely a Royal. Her princess perfect attributes will make her a stunning adult.  Emma’s nature is easy going and lots of fun. She loves toys and rubbing against her mama for special cuddles throughout the day.

Emma would make a great service dog as all Royals generally do, but with a special treat of her never taking her job too seriously, there by keeping you in the happy zone of life. Yet, she will perform beautifully as training her will be a natural even for her that she will adore. 

Emma is smart and has a bit of an administrative mind , a leader for the future to help you remember to go for that walk you need, or take a jaunt to the store. Emma will be the picture perfect Royal Frenchel along with her gorgeous sweet loving personality . Anyone who brings Emma home will find themselves proud to know her as a person and to share her with all those she comes to meet.

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