Dandelion – Res. for Mary

Dandelion is your go to gal for a fun day of work, play, hanging out in the kitchen while you cook and of course snuggle time! She will be dutiful and a fine work friend who will make your way easier at any turn she can.

Her beauty is outstanding, so you’ll definitely have to plan a few extra minutes when you go out to town because this beauty will catch everybody’s eye.  People will want to meet her & find out all about her.

Dandelion is capable of persevering attention and is not shy. Her confidence gives her a shine factor times 10 and makes it so easy to train this little sweetheart. Dandelion is going to be a chunk and a half, one of our top micros,  Dandelion will be ready to do everything you have to do in a day and then some!

If Dandelion were a character, she would be running one of the largest cruise ships around. With a smile and clothing that is never wrinkled, Dandelion’s naturally good manners and humorous tones make everybody feel at home. Take Dandelion home and you take home the gem of the doggie universe!

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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