Princess Boujie – Sold to Monica

Cookie is a fun loving forest mermaid that lost her tail coming on land! She has a quick wit and a totally adoring loyal personality. She is very affectionate, plays well with her mates of all sizes and loves to dash about with them over toys in complete joy!
Cookie would be an awesome service dog, and a great friend to any child or person who takes relationship seriously with their new companion. For an executive to generate less stress in life, Cookie would be a great asset. She rests easily under your desk and will get you out for walks as needed.
Cookie is smart, deeply soulful, intuitive and a sprite of many worlds! Getting Cookie would be an amazing friend to live with for years to come filled with laughter at her fun antics and tons of snuggle time. Cookie is a complete love in a tiny package. She is house broken, crate trained and has passed all key thresholds into her young life as an amazing sturdy tiny gal ready to meet the world.
  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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