Chester – Sold to John & Marcia

As dear hearted as they come, Chester’s ready to meet the big outdoors or to be your best side step as you put together your toy train set to play for hours. He will get equally lost in your fantastical world while always keeping a look out for your safety. A sensitive little guy who often shows the courage of a lion.

In the kitchen, Chester will be your foodie man of the year. Chester will love the ride for groceries too! He will show perfect manners, I’m sure, once he learns the ropes. Then he’ll watch you with precision and not miss a lick! Of course, hoping to catch anything you drop along the way! LOL! He’s got the biggest belly in the whole crew!   

Chester is so sincere and his eyes have this deep beautiful amberish color when you look close up.  It’s like seeing into Pan’s world.  Get Chester and you get multiple adventures of a life time!

Beyond handsome inside and out, the old mastiff protectorate nature shines through, this buddy will be a bed time snuggle bunny for sure.

  • size: Regular
  • gender: Male
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