Tapa “Tapita” – Sold to Christina & Julian

Cheeky ~ a forest imp in doggy clothing!

A precious little heroine adventurer. A snuggle bug, soft as a rose petal with the best personality ever. Cheeky is brilliant! Her mind is fascinating, she is the perfect balance in a friend that you would ever want. She is strong, independent, playful and yet tender hearted . She’s a snuggle puss, and if you are rude to her, she will simply ignore you. She also entertains herself very well and happily plays with her toys alone and happy to share the fun with others!

Cheeky shines like the morning sun anytime of day when her bright little eyes finds something new in you or around her that catches her fancy. She’s like a fantasy creature who is always by your side. A tinker belle of sort who is ready to help you find flight when you are falling.

Cheeky is Moonbeam’s (one of our most prized micros) daughter and boy did she get the best out of all of our lineage. I wish I could keep her, but she is too small to breed, and of course I have my own pack family so I’m ready to share Cheeky with the world. She’s simply a bundle of fun loving companionship for life.

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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