Buttons McGillyCuddy

If Mr. Gadget met Sean Connery and melded into one, that is Buttons McGillicuddy! Buttons is a Micro Mini Royal Frenchel! Handsome and ready to learn and use any skill he has at hand to adventure off on his way, Buttons makes you cry with laughter at his epic missions! He is a doll who loves to snuggle and be in your arms when tired and equally loves his kitchen or yard tour to find the missing toy or the new experience with is friend Bandit!. Buttons is a courageous fella who, though his tiny size my not permit, jumps into gear to join in any walk or playtime. Buttons is a super friend and will adore travel whether it be to Starbucks or the woods for a jaunt in nature. He will be a lifelong friend. 

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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