Billie Girl – Sold to Jennifer

Billie girl is this incredible amazing mix of a go-getter totally quieted by the biggest snuggle bun in the universe! She’s very smart and you can watch her mind work as she goes about her daily activities – yet always her relationships with her people top dog all other opportunities.

Billie’s personality is totally at the head of the class if she were in school. She would be one of those kids who adored their teacher and wanted to do well not just to get an A, but because she was so appreciative and felt so much gratitude for the relationship itself. Billie is just like that whether dressed up or down, Billie doesn’t change, always ready to do her best and put the best path forward for her person. She gets along well with everyone and doesn’t push her will on anyone even though she’s a little bigger than those she’s around, Billie treats them with high regard and doesn’t push beyond reasonability at all.

Billie is one of those gorgeous Royals that really shows best in person though her photos are stunning. She loves the outdoors and would be the perfect companion for daily walks, or jaunt in the woods. Whether you have other animals, cats, dogs, birds or anything, Billie would love them all equally. She’s simply up for a great day with great people because she’s a great dog! Lol… when you meet Billie, be ready to get knocked off your feet, because she quietly… with her big heart, will steal yours ❤️🐾

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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