Beyond Heaven “Mr. B” – Sold to Brynnen & Renee

Life Beyond Heaven is well, how he got his name. Mr. B is easy, sweet, and incredibly soft to match his heart of gold. He seems to think he is in heaven and makes all things easy to do with him whether it is taking him out to play, putting him back in his pen, or sharing mealtime with him. Always ready to look into your eyes to see what he can find of heaven. And he always finds something he loves showing it by his deeper cuddles, licks, and willingness to move as you move.

Mr. B is a picture book playtime dog. He romps leaping like a gazelle at times not really catching the ant he follows, but acting like he is about to! Funny and smart enough not to actually catch what he doesn’t know ~ but bold enough to show it to everyone so that he can gather more courage with someone by his side! An inborn intelligence like so many Royals, Mr. B reveals smarts in a package that is so adorable he pulls you into his discoveries, distracting you from the humdrum of daily life to enter into the immediacy of newness and the power of total attention in releasing you from your concerns of the day. Little Mr. B is a “snuggler” by trade who gives you added timelessness by immersing you in his simple authenticity, playfulness, and love. 

Mr. B is totally connected to anyone he is around. He is deeply personal in getting to know anyone he meets, animal or person. An incredible companion for other dogs, cats, and people of all ages. Mr. B will never let you down. All he asks is to know the real you.

  • size: Micro Mini Small
  • gender: Male
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