If there every was a chunky little forest creature that became visible to you if you were just the right person, Dolly would be that little spit fire!  Like Marion Berri , Dolly knows she was born with royal blood and just expects the best from the world at all time while giving her best. 

Not bothered by other pups that want something different then herself, she just fineds her way to accomplish whatever she sets out to do. Dolly enjoys her toys and enjoys listening a great deal. You can observer her when we are talking or when music is on.  She’s so attentive and aware.  She enjoys classical and jazz music, and a little opera too! (though I don’t listen to as much opera as perhaps she might like)

Dolly is dear hearted and thinks before she acts. She’s sensible , clear headed and reasonable, sharing easily with her litter mates. Including sharing her mother to other micros who needed a micro mom when they were born to larger litters.  Dolly is an ageless little soul, ready to enter the very important place in life that you’ve just created for her.

  • size: Micro Mini Nursery
  • gender: Female
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