Tipper – Trained Young Adult – Sold to Doug & Monica

Tipper is 12″ tall and 16″ long. Though, in the photos he appears bigger than he really is. Tipper is only 9 months old.  Tipper is the kind of guy that if you ever had a super friendly ice cream man who rode his truck down the streets ringing its bell and calling all the children out – Tipper is this guy!  He is an absolute love dedicated to playful sweet moments and being your best friend alongside any activity you choose.

Tipper is proud of you as well as himself.. going for a car ride, he proudly gets in and if you are digging in the garden, he’s so proud of you too!  Then he’ll remind you of a treat at the end, one for you and one for him!  Tipper is like a bucket of honey love. He’s the essence of what love novels are all about. His eyes that look through you, witnessing all that you are and loving every morsel ~ reminding you that you are worth it!

Tipper is a young trained adult who is crate trained, house broken and has the sweetest demeanor you could ask for. He has his first year of shots and would make an amazing family dog or an older dog’s service dog. And that early puppy period is over! Yet he won’t be fully mature adult for another year. Choose Tipper, and this friend for life will always spark a smile ready to pierce any dark clouds of the day and meet you before bedtime reminding you to dream your best dreams as you snuggle in with your dearest friend.

  • size: Adult Small
  • gender: Male
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