Theodore “Theo”- Trained Young Adult

Theo is a proud little boy who is sized as a Large Micro. He is 12″ tall and 11.5″ long. We always keep one or two dogs through their puppy time for those who can’t or don’t want to go through puppy training.  Theo is one of those fellas. Though he appears bigger than he really is. He is about 1 yr. 4 monts old, crate trained, has all his shots and just a handful of sweetness and affection. He is the type of guy who is earnest and dedicated to his job. At this point, his job is whatever he thinks is really important.. like keeping an eye out on the children is his recent focus lol!!.

He would make an excellent companion for travel due to his size and adaptable temperament to make things work well for all. Theo adores the life of snuggle above all else. No matter what he is up to, if the opportunity to jump on a lap and or lay on a bed and get a good rub is offered, he is totally game! If you choose Theo, be ready to laugh a lot, get abundant affection and have a most sincere pal always by your side.
  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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