Shuga Boog ~ Super Micro – Sold to Shawnee & Meg

Shuga Boog is the the smallest Royal we have ever had. She is full of moxie, buckets of love and vinegar! Although tiny, she loves to think she rules the world! Funny doesn’t come close ~ She is a riot! Steady and frank, Sugar lets you know what is happening inside and out with her keen sense of tracking the families activities. Sugar is intensely bright and deeply intuitive. She knows when you’re going to leave the house before you do!
Sugar talks in her own language to ask for whatever she needs. Not by any means a barker, Sugar will help you, quite aware that she speaks a different language, so she will dance the “Sugar dance” when talking and look at whatever she wants on and off just to ensure you understand and she can get whatever assistance she needs!
Truly ~ she is the cutest little gal I have ever known. Sugar is 3 years old, house broken & crate trained (though I don’t use one with her and she sleeps in bed with me or other family). I love Sugar enormously. I just have a pack already and can’t keep more! So she is yours to enjoy and live a long long life with. She will be the most steadfast friend you will ever know and you will laugh often, love much and be moved to a deep sense of joy daily. It’s just the Sugar way!

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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