Racoco – Sold to Holly & Emmet

Racoco is like the brunette walking through Bloomingdales in New York with long beautiful legs and classic style. Understated, because the abundance of beauty is so obvious inside and out. Racoco is a dear distinguished pup. You can tell she chooses things to look at and enjoy in special ways. She watches people and chooses the food she eats out of the bowl just so.  Racoco has a high mind and it’s quietly in the background observing and ready to meet you on your next travel adventure or daily grind reminding you that beauty and excellence is always in the room with you.

Racoco is the kind of gal who will come let you know if the kids get into something in the yard or if your tub is overflowing and she’ll appreciate her treats as though they are the best gift in the world. You’ll never have a better girlfriend then Racoco to remind you of your own stately and beautiful nature.

  • size: Regular Small
  • gender: Female
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