Prue – Retired Adult – Sold to Linda

Prue is a gal that will never leave you alone and you’ll always have your best buddy by your side. She’s an absolute love! Prue enjoys the outdoors as well as the indoors, especially if you are with her in either event! LOL!

Many people in Royal Frenchel have Prue as a mom of their pups. It must be fun to see her up here.  And now it’s time for Prue to retire and enjoy a forever home for the next 10 years or so. Remember , Royals live a long time and she is very well socialized, crate trained, and house broken.  Prue will meet all the important people in your life with equal love and care. She’s like a confidant who listens so well and looks so deeply into your soul, it’s hard not to tell her everything on your mind.


  • size: Adult Regular
  • gender: Female
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