Pistachio – Sold to Jannine

Pistachio was originally going to England! A tiny silky micro, she was ready to go and with the borders closed, we weren’t able to send her. Her family has given her up until the Pandemic is under control and they will get their pup then. So…. That means our beloved Pistachio is available (probably for 5 minutes! Lol!!) as she is the most loving, sweet, adoring little creature you will ever meet. Smart as a whip and yet such a gentle heart. Confident and ready for life. She loves other dogs and children.

Pistachio is ready to start life with you without much prep as she is crate trained, extremely well socialized and well mannered and house broken. Pistachio is a very very rare find, one of our girl Moonbeam’s pups if you happen to know who she is. Everyone wants Moonbeam! Anyway, enjoy and perhaps she is meant for you. Just let me know if you would like to secure her. She is a treasure. Remember that micro’s take 26 months to mature and she will beef up as she ages for sure.

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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