Picasso – Sold to Tammy & Dave

Picasso is the joy of a holiday morning when presents galore and the best smells of the house have collided in funny looking pjs, snuggly new dog beds and a heart of gold.  Naughty and Nice is Picasso’s rule, always to be doled out with 6 spoons of snuggle time.

Picasso is an artist at joy! He can jump and play and be so happy to see you that his nickname becomes wiggle butt. He’ll probably love the liver dish that the kids won’t eat and be able to tell you where the missing sock is and you’ll also know that come bed time,  you’ll have the best snuggle partner in the world. An adult or kid’s best friend for sure, Picasso is your ace in the hole for a really fun day …  everyday!

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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