Peaches – Sold

Peaches is the fair haired girl with a truly “peachy” personality! She is like the young gal who everybody loves. She seems to have an internal balance and an ability to make everyone feel that she is delighted to be around them. Yet Peaches adores a special friend. Her apparent balance includes a dear hearted desire to meet the special one who will be her lifelong companion. 

Peaches is smart, loves to be with people and other dogs. She was placed with a family that ended up in transition and had to bring her back to Royal Frenchel until they can have a dog again this next summer. So, Peaches ended up with the best of care, rode in cars and enjoyed walks in the park for a few weeks proving her enjoyment of city life and learning the ropes of a very busy family in transition. 

There isn’t a person who meets Peaches who doesn’t quickly adore her. And yet there is this deep part of Peaches I feel who is so incredibly dear and awaits her special friend as if she knows that is about to happen. 

Peaches is a delightfully gay and a sweet baby ready to unfold as the beautiful princess of your life before your eyes.

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