Peaches – Retired Adult – Sold to Sarah

Peaches is a stout little man who has been a complete love in the kennel.  Peaches is very easy going, smart, sweet and proud.  He’s been one of the main studs here for many years and is now ready to retire to enjoy the rest of his years in a loving home. I always retire my dogs earlier the most so they have a full family life after their kennel days.  Peaches is a micro who would be able to travel with you everywhere. It wouldn’t take much time at all to train him to the ropes of being a good citizen in the public able to go into restaurants, hospitals, or any public place you want to go. He will adore the activity and love to go home for snuggle time on the coach.   Peaches will be a dedicated buddy who will thrive with the lucky person who falls for this handsome little fella!

  • size: Adult Micro
  • gender: Male
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