Moe Moe – Young/Trained – Sold to Gwendolyn

Moe Moe is special fella with tons of love and affection for someone looking for a young adult who is full of joy, adorable, super gorgeous and has a real head start on being trained.  Moe has been being trained by Arturo (who is my “right paw”) traveling well by plane and car on trips for up to 5 days long. He is ready to go! Moe learns fast like so many Royals and he took to travel extremely well.  Get ready to be stopped by everyone you meet because his coat is so remarkable! And his personality is all about meeting everyone he can. He’s a family oriented fun loving dog who loves to play with other dogs, and never met a stranger. He has already met a few cats with a lot of intrigue, gentleness and lots of wonder!  Moe is a total love and snuggle master who will give you all you could ask for from a sincere loyal companion. Happy days are in store for you and yours with Moe Moe by your side.


  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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