Miyagi Sun – Res. for Olivia

Curiosity with sweet Miyagi Sun didn’t kill this cat, instead it makes him the most entertaining, chunky sweetheart you’ve ever met in your life! Miyagi is humorous, clear minded and open hearted. A handsome little creature that will draw everyone to you as his fun-loving nature and charismatic ways won’t be missed. 

Like the rest of Miyagi Suns’ family, he is smart, adores affection and will give you the best care you could ever imagine. Miyagi will sensibly remind you of all the things that are so important to both of you; like enjoying a good walk or sharing a great meal and having him close by to snuggle whenever you need an embrace. Be aware that if you meet Miyagi Sun, it will be very hard for you to walk away! Lol.

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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