Mitzy – Sold to Marcia

Mitsy is a little gal who loves her litter mates and snuggles as a #1 sport! She is such a kind little being with a heart that is wide as the world around her. She enjoys getting around her puppy room and shows total happiness at her new found freedom to walk and play. Falling over is her pass time as she tries to climb her sister to play! Little Mitsy is one of my fav’s and of course everyone is different but for me she has a balance in her nature that totally calls to me. She is really smart and like her sister, listens with total intention! She loves it when I sing to her as well. Her calm genuine nature is always a pleasure to snuggle with. You can never go wrong with Mitsy as she will insure she fits right in with pizazz in right order and everyone will adore her!

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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