Mirabelle – Sold to Brandie

Mirabelle has always been the queen of the kennel. She is so well mannered and has such a great personality. She would love to live with someone who works at the computer some, goes to town and would be happy doing anything… going to the office, traveling… she is simply the best dog ever!

Truly, If I didn’t have such great dogs before she was born in my family group, I would have added her in a minute! However, I couldn’t add more as there is a limit even for the best. Lol!!! So Mirabelle is now available to the lucky person who gets her. She is gentile, always clean and though she is the traditional more androgynous type as Royals are, she has a refined quality that is off the charts. The word Royal as a Frenchel really works for this gal. Meet her and you want her. That is her way! An older gal as I always had a hard time letting her go, she ought to give years of pleasure with the best friend ever. And of course she is gorgeous!

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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