Millie – Sold to Bill

Born Jan. 11, 2019, Super Micro

Millie is the greatest little gal in our kennel by far. Housebroken, funny as heck and a lover of old movies while snuggling in with treats! A best friend doesn’t even say it. She is beyond that idea and into the kid you can’t live without! Truly, we all cried the day we agreed that Millie would be better served serving a person or family who puts her in the spot light. My old guys still deserve all my attention so I can’t give her that. Millie is spayed, outrageously well socialized and the easiest creature in the world. She will make you laugh multiple times a day just by looking at her as she is always happily up to carrying a toy in her mouth, sneaking under a chair to enjoy it and at your feet the moment you are thinking of leaving for a jaunt! Millie is a clown, an elegant lady and the most gracious little gal you will ever know. Meet Millie and you better be ready to take her home because you won’t want to leave her behind!

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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