Mama Loves Mamba – “Mamba” – Sold to Amanda

Mamba is definitely one of the best Royals we have had. She is incredibly well balanced in her personality, extremely smart, totally willing to learn or show interest in anything. She already has manners which was so evident in showing her the few times I did show her.
Mamba is like the primo leader hiding inside her pup body… without even knowing, she will lead. Not dominant, but a true leader. She is naturally reasonable and fun. It is just her nature. She loves to play and wow does she like to snuggle. Sometime she can’t decide which one ~ lol!!! However snuggling usually wins out! Mamba would make an awesome service dog, a great family dog or a cohort in daily activities for anyone who wants a great close friend. Getting Mamba would be like winning the lottery. She is an awesome person to know!
  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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