Maeve Beauty ~ Sold to Gabby & Jorge

Maeve is like a Queen, an incredible balanced leader who will use all that she is well for herself and her surroundings throughout the whole of her life. She will be a leader that appreciates the logic and consistency of life. She will appreciate structure and yet play wildly when in the mood which of course will be daily!

Maeve is one of those magazine type dogs that is extraordinary. Maeve will be staunchly ready by your side at any moment, well put together and always with just the right manners as you go to and from. She will appreciate the training and will love you deeply for it and think how wise you are! Maeve will know things before you do, so listen up. If you take Maeve home with you, you are taking a bit of an Oracle my friend.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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