Lucca – SOLD To Susi & Dave

The Laughing Buddha Belly Rub Gourmet!!

A long title for a very big personality who adores belly rubs!

Lucca is a very happy interested in everything little man. He isn’t interested just to get after or own it, instead he has the type of interest that wants to make things he sees, people and other animals his best friend! Lucca’s spirit is all about loving and experiencing the world around him. Happy, Happy, Happy, is the cloud that moves him from one joy to another. It oozes from him naturally. 

Lucca is smart enough for any intellectual offering them a respite from judgement, inviting them instead to silly play and laughter. 

Words that go with Lucca are: Snuggle, Funny, Daring, Happy, Total Passion, Fun & Super Friend!

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