Lielu – Sold to Jen & Nikki

 “LiLi” as we often call her is totally up for the day! Though she is chill and easy peasy, she is also ready for the adventures of the life she finds herself in. Smart, willing and oh so snuggly, Lielu loves her broad family all generations of them and makes special friends easily. She is smart enough not to just jump in and to show respect of boundaries however, she is persistent and always wins her friends over! Even those who weren’t looking for one!

Lielu is also super affectionate, checking back in for a snuggle or two as she rests in between playtime extravaganzas and mealtime or shifts of toys from one pup to another. A smart cookie ready for more in life ~ are you the more?

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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