Kona – SOLD to Alys

Kona is a very special and unique little gal. She is small, beautifully marked with eyeliner pigment surrounding her beautiful eyes. But more than her looks, Kona is a great friend. If she were a character out of a movie, she would be the one who came up with a scheme to get the tough kids back for stealing her friends computer. Not only would she get the computer back, but she would see to it that nothing was missing on the laptop!

In essence Kona is a great friend to her mates in the dog world and to her human mates as well. She is smart and oh so loving. Kona loves to play outdoors as well as snuggle on the couch. She is the perfect dog in every way. She is energetic enough that she entertains with silly fun play whenever you want to just a throw of a toy. 

Kona is easy peasy! She will do what you ask once she learns what that is and will keep it up too!

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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