Joey – Trained Adult – Sold to Ken

Joey is one of my best friends and has been one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever had. He is a very loving guy, extremely affectionate, snuggly, and a true friend through and through.  He will be by your side at every moment to just be that loving presence.   I am placing him because my life is changing now with the kennel being sold. I can’t have the full pack I am used to and so I’m cutting down to just a few close in service dogs who will travel with me now.  I want Joey to have a great life with all of the attention he deserves, so I’m offering him to you, my Royal Frenchel Community to find the right place for my dear dear friend Joe.

Joey is fully house trained, crate trained, harness trained, loves to travel and has worked as Windy’s service dog in the past.  If you are someone who prefers to not train and raise a puppy, Joey is all trained and ready for living at your side.

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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